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Why You Should Dream Big

Why You Should Dream Big

Dream Big:-

Dreaming big or small is still such a tough task for most of the people. They take a lot of time to decide. Therefore today I am going to remove your biggest confusion. Friends, you might have seen many peoples and I think you also face the problem that which type of thinking should we always have to keep in our mind, biggest or smallest or normal. So in today’s topic, I am going to talk that which type of thinking we should always have to keep in mind or why should we dream big.

Dreaming big is the first step to achieve success. Because till you will not think big then how can you change it in actions means how can you achieve it. When a person keeps high thinking he always keeps trying to achieve it. He tries to find every possibility which can help him to make his dream come true. This type of person is able to know itself better and can explore more and more. Dreaming big also helps you to break your comfort zone because to achieve a big goal you will have to work hard smartly. It is a sign of a better life and a better future if you are able to achieve your goal. But if you keep your thinking just opposite to this ( means small ) then you will always be a narrow-minded person.

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So friend, if you are also in this confusion so I want to tell you that we should always have to keep our thinking biggest as much as we can. Because there is a reason behind keeping big thinking. I want to tell this reason in the form of an example.

Why Should We Dream Big

Example:- If someone says you to run 800 meters in 2 minutes in a race. Then you will try hard to complete this task. And your mind will also start thinking like this that how to complete this task easily and in a better way. So you will try to give your best to win the race. And if for some reason you are unable to achieve the target of 800 meters in 2 minutes. But at least you will achieve the target of 600 – 700 meters in 2 minutes in that race.

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And on the other hand, if someone says you to run 200 m in 2 minutes in a race. Then you will think that it is very easy for me, I can complete it easily. Also, you will not try hard to achieve it and will not do any preparation for the race. Perhaps you succeeded in completing this task properly, without doing any preparation and hard work. But still, you are not successful more than the first person.


Freinds, the two examples that I have given you above now if you try to link both the example. So you will notice that on the one hand, you are running 600 m-700 meters in 2 minutes. But on the other hand, you are running only 200 meters in 2 minutes. So now see the difference in both examples, the time of both races are equal but the level of your performance is quite different in both races.

Meaning to say that if a big work is given to you and if that work is too difficult for you but in spite of this you have to do that task in any condition then you will work hard to do that task and give your best. And your mind will also start thinking in such a way by which you can complete your work easily. In the same way, if a small work is given to you then neither you will work hard and nor you will insist on your mind to do that work in better ways. Perhaps you will think that it’s a very easy task for you. That’s why there are more chances that you will fail in that work.

Why You Should Dream Big

Through these examples, you can get an idea that because of these thinkings, we achieve success or failure in our life. So friends, I just want to say that every person has equal time, brain and everything else are also the same in the world but it depends on you that how you use these things in your life.

Reasons For Dreaming Big

1. The first step to achieve success:

Friends, as you all know that we act according to our thinking that’s why if you have big thinking then you will work according to it. Therefore I just want to tell you that you should always keep big thinking. A big thinker can always achieve his goal if he would be loyal and honest towards it. This means if he would work with dedication and motivation along with hard and smart work then he can surely achieve his goal.

2. Big thinking, big action:

Another benefit of thinking high is that you start taking big actions. A narrow-minded person can only work according to his mindset. But if you dream of a big thing so you will work according to your thinking. When you will think out of the box you will see a change in yourself, a change that only a high thinker can get.

Why You Should Dream Big

3. Finds every possibility:-

Most of the people keep themselves in small thinking and think that they can achieve their goal by focusing deeply on a small goal and then they would put all their concentration into that goal. But it is not quite right. Because when you work for a small dream your ways of achieving your goal will also be very limited and less. But when you will try to achieve a big goal. You will try to find more and more ways that can reach you to your goal.

4. Breaks your comfort zone:-

As you can see everywhere a high thinker doesn’t sit lazily. Rather he works above the level of his doing to achieve his goal. He also starts taking big actions and risks to achieve his goal. After deciding a big goal of life he doesn’t afraid to fail, he just keeps working until he achieves success. In this way, a big-thinking brings you out of your comfort zone.

So, friends, this is why you should dream big and these are reasons for it. I hope you guys liked this article and get help from this.

In last I just want to say that,

“Don’t limit yourself, if you can think big you can achieve big.”

Work Hard And Be Positive.