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As being a husband or a partner of a girl it is very important to keep your relationship strong for which partners need to make feel special to each other. They can do express their feelings in many ways. But most of the men are unable to impress their partners even after many attempts that’s why their relationship doesn’t get strong. If you are one of them and want to make feel something special to your partner so today we are going to tell I love you so much quotes for her which you can tell your partner for expressing that how much you love her.

1. My love is infinite which is only have for you.

2. To bring you in my life whatever I have to do I surely will.

3. The more you love me more it becomes difficult to live without you.

4. When I try to keep you away from my heart I remain unable to so.

5. I stopped looking at any other girl, ever since you came into my life.

I Love You So Much Quotes

6. Only with you, I can live the best moments of life.

7. When you irritate me, I just feel the love that you do to me.

8. I will always care about you because I truly love you.

9. Get encouragement from you, when I stay with you so work twice as fast.

10. I am the luckiest person ever because you are in my life.

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11. Holding your hand I can reach my every goal.

12. You are like my soul who gives a beautiful reason to live my life.

13. I just want your love before becoming old as I want to create the best memories with you.

14. Till my ultimate breath, I seek God to dwell my life with you.

15. The hardest thing to express for me is love, which is only for you.

I Love You So Much Quotes
I Love You So Much Quotes

16. Don’t want a life partner like you, I desire only for you.

17. I love you the most because whenever I necessity you, you be with me.

18. My love is enhancing day by day, as I spending more time with you.

19. I ‘ll not speak a word when you will ask me how much you love me; my love is not so low that I can express it in words.

20. I promise you that I will keep loving you, that much you can’t do by yourself.

I Love You So Much Quotes

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21. Getting a lovely partner was one of my biggest aspirations, which is completed now.

22. Now whatever time I have left, I just want to spend it whole with you.

23. You are my everything and I don’t require anything after you.

24. I can’t even dream of living without you, you are the love of my life.

25. I feel the most comfortable and relaxed when your hand has in my hand.

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26. The much I live happily with you, never was with anyone.

27. I will always effort to bring you lots of happiness so that your life will be filled with happiness.

28. You were my dream, it is fulfilled by getting you.

29. Your pleasure is also mine, I want to intact this happiness whole life.

30. You are like my best friend with whom I can share everything in my life.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her
I Love You So Much Quotes

31. I can’t express my love in words but I can express my feelings for you.

32. You are the person to whom I love the most, that’s why I never want to lose you.

33. I passed through a lot of sorrows in my life, so today I feel that you came in my life because of suffering those sorrows.

34. Life was boring before coming of you, you put a value in it.

35. After getting you I felt that I have achieved success because you are nothing short of a dream.

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36. I am not sad as my past was not good, now I just want to make my future joyous by staying with you.

37. I have seen very little happiness in my life, but after finding you it seems that I have got all the happiness of life together.

38. I love not only you but by your anger and mischief too.

39. For me love is not what other people think, it’s about getting to know the feel of you that what you want from me.

40. Your coming into my life is like a gift, which has filled my life with happiness.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her

Romantic Love Quotes

41. I want to serve you the best side of my life, which is my love for you.

42. I just want to keep you in my heart and no one can get your place.

43. I have a disease of love and you the only cure of that.

44. You made me realize what true love is, so I want to spend my whole life with you and this feeling.

45. That was the most beautiful moment of my life when I first saw you.

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I Love You So Much Quotes

46. It’s not possible to forget you because I have handed over my heart to you.

47. You are the most special of all the specials I have found in my life.

48. I want to live more just because of you because you make my every moment joyous.

49. Being your life partner I will be loving you till I have a soul in my body.

50. You are my princess, I just want to see you happy as it makes my spirit relaxed.

Cute Love Quotes for Her

51. I just kept looking when I saw you for the first time, at that time I saw the most beautiful thing in the world.

52. You are completely inhabited in my heart and mind, what if it is not loving.

53. I stopped blaming my destiny for the problems I faced, as only the luckiest one can get you.

54. If you ask me why I love you so much, the answer is because you are the one who made me realize the importance of love.

55. I don’t desire anything in life except your immoderate love.

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56. You are the tears of my sorrows, the laughter of my happiness and the love of my life.

57. Your boundless beauty and pure heart were enough to make me love you.

58. I will always need your love, you gave me a strong hope to move forth.

59. Love and happiness are the most important feelings of life, after getting you, I got both.

60. When whole the time my brain kept thinking about you, I realized how much I love you.

Cute Love Quotes for Her
I Love You So Much Quotes

Deep Love Quotes

61. I wish to have with you my entire existence, your love feels my heart better.

I love you so much, want that you are always with me, can’t see you going away from me. So I wish to spend my remaining existence only with you, it’s your love which makes my heart feel better.

62. The love you do to me, I tried everywhere to find but unable.

Before meeting you, I was in search of a person who can truly love me and also I can love her. Finally, you came in my life and the love as I wanted the same you do me. I was unable to find such a love in any other one’s heart.

63. I don’t ‘I love you’ to express my love, to state you are special to me and want to spend whole life with you.

When I say I love you so it doesn’t only mean that I am saying this for expressing my love, rather I try to say that you are the most special person came in my life, and in your absence, I can’t joy any moment.

64. I love you, my soul joined your soul I can’t separate it even if I want to.

My love is not temporary, it’s a forever promise, my soul has joined with your soul in the relation of love, and your love is making this relation stronger, now I can’t separate it even if I want to.

65. I want to joy moments I have, that’s merely possible with you.

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I was sad about my bad experiences in past but now I don’t want to be regret anymore, I have understood the value of life and whatever moment I have, just want to enjoy and make them beautiful, this is possible only if you are with me.

66. From now to the edge, desiring to exist my existence with you.

Ever since I saw you, I am just lost in your thoughts, and I am desiring that you stay with me from now to till my last breath. I feel like I can live a better and beautiful life with you.

67. After having you, plan staying joyously is happening true.

Before you came, whenever I did anything to get happiness, I was unsuccessful. But since you have come to my life, it seems that you have brought happiness together. Being with you makes me feel happy every moment.

68. You are my dream, wish, goal and desire which I want at any condition.

In my life, I wanted a life partner who can truly love me and I can also love her genuinely. I have realized that it’s you and I can do anything to bring you into my life.

69. Not have regret whatever I lost, you are much more than all those things.

Earlier I used to think that I am an unlucky person who never gets happiness. But when I found you, I understood that I was wrong. Because now it seems to me that with your coming I got all the happiness of life at once.

70. You have the right over everything, and you have already taken my heart which is the most precious.

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You don’t need to ask for anything from me, because now you have the right over all my things. And I have already given you my heart when I saw you for the first time, which was the most precious.

71. I left you, means I stopped breathing, my heart stopped beating, and my soul & body falling apart.

I will never leave you as I have promised. But if I have left you, it can only mean one that my breath has stopped, my heart is not beating, and my soul has separated from my body.

72. Just because I can’t live without you; I am loyal so I don’t promise to live with you all my life.

As I have promised you that I will always be with you but not because I am sincere. I have done it because I truly love you, you are my everything and I can’t live without you.

73. I was mad for you when the first time I saw, then I thought let’s do this.

When I first saw you I was unable to stop myself. My heart was getting anxious to talk to you. And was just praying to get you. Then I thought let’s talk to you and try to get you in my life.

74. When I get sad I miss your smile; it makes me happy.

When you’re not with me and I get sad so I miss your smile, miss your absence and the feel of your love. Your smile makes me happy even in sorrow and helps me to overcome my sorrows.

75. I will not let anyone come in my heart except you, no matter how much I have to wait for you.

Deep Love Quotes for Her
I Love You So Much Quotes

You are not my choice, you are the only choice for me because you cannot be anyone’s choice, you are a wish that everyone wants in their life. As I have no other option except you so I will wait for you more and more.

76. You have put a fire of love in my heart, now I want to make you feel this fire.

Ever since I saw you and knew, there has been a fire of love in my heart and now I want to put this fire in your heart too so that it keeps growing. You are the person who made me realize what love is.

77. Till my demise, I will protect and love you, as like you are my soul.

The person loves himself the most and takes care of himself. So that his soul remains attached to his body. But you have put a value in my life so I will protect and care for you, such as you are my soul because I want to live with you.

78. I want to value every moment spent with you, we can feel happy by remembering them in our last phase.

Living with you has a different fun. At first, I did not know the importance of time. But you made me realize this, that’s why I want to make every moment precious. So that in the last phase of life, we can remember those moments and feel happy.

79. People say that it’s difficult to play love but when you came in my life it became very easy.

People say that it is very difficult to maintain love with a sincere heart. I also felt the same but since you came in my life, it has become very easy. Rather I can truly love you till my last breath.

80. The heart that is in my body, there is a lot of love in it which only for you.

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Most of the girls feel that a man can’t truly love only one girl. But in my case, this is not the same because in my heart there can stay only one girl and that’s you. You have filled my heart with your love.

81. I can’t compare your love with anything in the world, you gave me an invaluable feeling.

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