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60 Famous Thank You Quotes To Appreciate By Heart

Famous Thank You Quotes

When a person does anything for us or gives anything to us, we normally use the word ‘thank you’. But ‘thank you’ is just not a greeting rather it is medium to create respect in other people heart. Because a person would like to help you again, only when you owe his/her this favour. You should always pay thanks by heart not only by word. So to help you today we are going to tell you the best and famous thank you quotes. you can use these quotes to thank your parents, friends, life partner, God ( if you believe ) and your teacher/mentor.

Famous Thank You Quotes

1. You should thank every time to that person who brings happiness in your life.

2. Never forget to thank the person who does anything for you without any benefit.

3. Your thanks will not create any sense in other people’s heart until you say it heartedly.

4. The journey of life is not easy, you have to thank everyone who comes in your life, maybe some of them will be useful for you.

5. Perhaps you can’t even guess what your heartfelt thanks can make for you in the heart of the person in front.

6. Sometimes thanking the other person creates trust between you.

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7. Thanking a person is a greeting of adoration and gratefulness.

8. As a loving person need love, same as who help someone should be thanked.

9. Don’t be too egoistic that you start feeling small in thanking others.

10. Thanking a person is not just a greeting, it is a feeling of respect.

11. If you don’t say thank you to any person it means you are a mean person.

12. We should thank a person when he adds value in your time, not only when he helps us.

Thanks for Forgiving Me Quotes

No one is there who doesn’t make any mistake in his/her whole life and sometimes these mistakes become a reason for hurting the people. Therefore we apologize to them and then they forgive us. So if you hurt anyone and they forgive you then you should thank them. These are some best quotes to thank them for forgiving you.

1. I know that I am your culprit, but after all this you forgive me, I can never forget this favour.

2. You have a pure beauty in your heart, your habit of forgiving me every time is commendable.

3. I will definitely try to repay your favour and forgiveness but for now, I just want to thank you very much.

4. Thanks for forgiving me because everyone needs an apology at some time, and I have realized the need and importance of it.

5. One of the best things I learned, is to forgive, and only you the reason of it, thanks for it.

6. I became speechless when you forgive me because I was thinking that you will never forgive me for my mistake.

7. I will always be grateful for the love you have shown in forgiving me, you really have true feelings.

8. When you always forgive someone, your relationship becomes stronger whether it is of friendship or love.

9. If you feel that only the weak can forgive, so you are weak because only the brave can do it.

10. You are much stronger than others because not everyone has the guts to forgive but you have.

Famous Thank You Quotes

Thank You for Loving Me Quotes

Finding true love has become very difficult because nowadays only a few people have a kind and a pure heart. So if you have chosen your life partner and he/she loves a lot then you must thank him/her for loving you truly. These quotes will help you express your feeling.

1. Thanks for coming in my life, thanks for loving me and thanks for being my life partner.

2. You never get angry with my habits, you never complain about what I haven’t given you; thank you for all this.

3. You are the dearest person to me, and the joy I have received since you came is more than thanking a million times.

4. This is what I have never felt and I realize it only when you are with me, I don’t have a word for it, but thanks.

5. Thank you for being my true soulmate and I hope that we would get a happy ending of this life.

6. Thanks for believing in me and to be with me, you are really special for me.

7. I will never let you away from me because I want to give you happiness as you always make me such feel.

8. When you love me, all my tiredness goes away and I feel relaxed; thanks for this magical feel.

9. Ever since you came into my life, my life has changed completely, and these positive changes are because of you.

10. I felt myself the luckiest one when you said that I just want you, not anyone like you, thanks for choosing me.

Famous Thank You Quotes

Thank You God Quotes

When you believe in God it becomes very important for you to follow his instructions and guidance. And we believe that whatever good and bad moments we get in our life are from God. So if you believe in God and want to thank him for everything he gives yo and lessons he taught you through hard times then here are the quotes.

1. Everything you gave me is priceless because many people don’t even get this, thanks for all this.

2. I know that you know everything about my heart that’s why I wish you to preserve this happiness in my life.

3. Thank you for sending me to such a family, I just hope my children will say the same.

4. My biggest thank is for you because you have given me a chance to live this wonderful life.

5. My biggest thank is devoted to you, I wish to keep my soul in peace, only you can help me.

6. Thank a lot God for creating this wonderful universe and to me, and I am hoping that my future will be bright.

7. You gave me such a beautiful life, for which millions of people are desiring, thank you for this mercy on me.

8. Thanks for loving me a lot, I just pray that my soul will get peace after my death.

Thank You Quotes for Parents

The origin of our life begins with our parents. Our parents are some of them whom we love the most in our life. As the mother gives us born and the father takes care of everything we need, they become special for us. So if you want to thank them for everything they did for you, you can use these quotes to say thank.

1. Thank you for fulfilling my wishes, dreams and for the effort of keeping me happy always.

2. I can’t repay your favour to you in my whole life because what you did for me was all special.

3. Thank you, mom and dad, for teaching me to walk and speak, and to raise me well.

Famous Thank You Quotes

4. I can’t even imagine to let you away from me, I love you the most and I will always try to keep you happy, to thank you.

5. You supported me everywhere, you bring me to the right path and you are the reason for my success, thanks for being the best parents.

6. Nobody can do what you did for me, I am lucky because I got parents like you.

Thank You Quotes for Friend

Being some good friends or a best friend in life is very important. Because when we have good and loyal friends they give us pleasure and help to add value in our life. So if you also have such a friend then you should surely thank him/her. And to thanks them you can use these quotes.

1. You are the one to whom I can never forget, thanks for being my best friend.

2. Thank you for saving me from the scolding of the teacher and helping me in my studies.

3. Whenever and wherever I needed you, you supported me by heart, for now, I just want to thank you very much.

4. Only a very few are came who brings happiness in my life and you are one of them.

Famous Thank You Quotes

5. You are the one who saves me from embarrassing because of my shortcomings and only brings my goodness to the people.

6. Your friendship is like a gift of god for me, your friendship is invaluable, thanks for carrying on this friendship.

7. If you ask me how a best friend should be so the best example of this is you because you have more values than a friend should have.

8. When I first met you I did not know anything about you but now I can say that you are the best person I have ever met in my life.

Thank You Message for Teacher/Mentor

When you desire to be a successful person you need a teacher who helps you to walk and go in the right direction. And thus they play a very important role in making us successful. If you are successful or going to succeed because of your mentor, so you should thank them for it. Here are the quotes to thank your teacher/mentor.

1. The lessons you taught me, helped me a lot to understand life better, the credit of all this goes to you.

2. I will always remember your teaching, your scolding and punishment on mistakes because you made me a better person.

3. Thanks a lot for showing me the right direction, the direction which let me to the success.

Famous Thank You Quotes
Famous Thank You Quotes

4. You have also put a lot of effort into getting me here, you helped me to live a meaningful life.

5. Initially, I did not like your scolding at all but now I have realized, that was all for my better future, thanks a lot again.

6. I would not have reached here without your support and teachings, that was invaluable for me.

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