50 Cheesy Quotes About Love To Make Her Feel Special

Cheesy Love Quotes

Having a loving partner in life is very important for everyone because this makes the journey of life adorable. It has become hard to find such a partner in life. But friends, if you have got your true soulmate then never let her go away from yourself. You should care and love her a lot so that your relationship can become strong, and if she gets annoyed due to you, so you should persuade her. If you want to make your partner feel special then today we are going to tell you “cheesy quotes about love” which will help you to make your relationship better.

Cheesy Love Quotes

1. I love you a lot, and if you are with me, we can be the best couple ever.

After meeting you, I didn’t want anyone. I just wanted to bring you in my life, now you are with me and if you always be with me. We will be the best couple ever in the world.

2. To express my love, I will kiss you every day before going to bed and after getting up.

I love you so much that I can’t express it in words. But I will keep trying to make you feel of my love. I will kiss you every night and morning. So that you can realise how much I love you.

3. I feel the most comfortable and relaxed when you hold me tight in your arm.

When you hold me in your arms, I lose all my stress and tensions. Therefore, the relax I feel in your arms, I don’t get it by rest or in anything else. I just want you to keep holding me in your arms.

4. For me, love means you because you are the person to whom I love the most.

Before coming of you into my life, I did not know much about the importance of love. But since I met you, you keep realising me the importance of it, and now for me, love means you.

5. I want to live such a life in which my day starts with you and end at you.

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I can’t even imagine living my life without you and your presence. My future is only with you, and I want to complete the remaining journey of my life with you.

6. I don’t want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, and to be in your arms because that’s only my place.

I get angry when a boy looks or stares at you. You are only mine. That’s why only I can touch, kiss and love you. I can’t share you with anyone else.

7. That was the most special moment in my life when I met you for the first time and talked to you.

Before meeting you, I had not such a moment in my life, but you brought such a moment. I can’t express in words that what I was feeling when I first talking to you. That feeling was amazing for me.

8. I will always be thankful to you because you chose me to be in your life.

I don’t know, how should I thank you, for choosing me as your life partner, or for having me in your life. But I will always be thankful to you for this decision.

9. I feel the happiest when you and I spend time together.

I get really bored whenever I spend much time on anything. But in case of you it is opposite, the more I spend time with you, I feel happier to myself, and when you don’t have me, I miss that feeling.

10. No matter how angry I am with you, but I will never leave you, baby.

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I know that sometimes I get angry with you, but it keeps happening between couples. But baby, don’t ever think that I will leave you in one day because I love you the most of all the people in my life.

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11. For me, you are like my soul, and no one can remove you from my heart.

Ever since you came in my life, you became like my soul. Because I imagine my life only with you. You stay with me or away from, but you will always be in my heart, and nobody can remove you from this place.

12. Sweetheart, only you are entitled to my love, and I promise that I will always love you.

I never thought that someone special would come into my life. You have completely changed my life because you have taught me to love. That’s why now I want to give my love to you, forever and ever.

13. I don’t know if we’ll be together tomorrow or not, that’s why I want to love you more today.

I want to live a long life with you, but we don’t know that we will be together tomorrow or not. So I don’t want to regret that I hadn’t loved you or not spent a good time with you. So before we get separate, I want to love you a lot.

14. I just want to make you happy because you are the reason for my happiness.

I was not so happy before I met you. You have put a value in my life, now I love my life and you a lot. I want you to keep happy always because it makes me happy also.

15. When I miss you, I hug my pillow tightly and feel it’s you.

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Sometimes when you stay away from me, I miss you a lot. I just keep waiting for your hug. But when I don’t get it, I hug my pillow and try to feel that it’s you, and it helps me a feel better a little bit.

16. You may hold my hand for a while, but you have stolen my heart forever.

You know that I need you always in my life. I want to walk holding your hand. But it doesn’t matter much for how long you hold my hand because you have already stolen my heart forever.

17. Now I don’t want any changes in my life because you are with me and that’s enough for me.

I always desired for a superior life because of nothing special in my life. But now I have you, and you are the most special for me, that’s why I don’t want any changes in my life because I don’t want to lose you.

18. Every love story is good, but ours would be the best and unique in the world.

I have read many love stories and also watch in the movies, most of them were good. But that doesn’t make sense for me, what matters to me is our love story. I want to make it the best of ever in the world.

19. If I had three wishes, they would have been you, your happiness and each other together.

I had a lot of desires which I wanted to get in my life. I achieved most of them and a few not. But now I have only three biggest wishes, and these are:- I want you with me, I want you to be happy always, and we live together of our whole life.

20. Your smile assures me that you are happy with me so please always keep this smile on your face.

Cheesy Love Quotes
Cheesy Love Quotes

One of the biggest goals of mine is to keep you happy. When I see the smile on your face, it assures me that my efforts are working well. I want you always to keep smiling like this so that I can feel relaxed.

21. I need a kiss, baby; It gives me the energy to work well.

Whenever you touch me, I feel relaxed, energetic and stressless. Your touch is like magic for me. I need it right now because I am not feeling well. Give me a hug or kiss; baby.

22. I love the way you tease me and say sorry to me.

I don’t get irritated when you tease me, I like it. You are my love, and I love your everything, the way you always tease me and then say sorry. I feel your love in it.

23. You are in my mind, and in the depth of my heart, because I love you the most.

When I first saw you, your face has been printed in my mind, and I could never erase it. You are in the deepest of my heart. This happened only once in my life, and you are the reason for it.

24. I don’t want any changes in you, you and your love are perfect for me.

I like and love you the same as you are now. You don’t need to change yourself or any of your habit just because of me. You and your everything is perfect and complete for me, and I wholeheartedly accept you.

25. My love, I promise that I will never get bored of loving you.

Cheesy Love Quotes
Cheesy Love Quotes

When a person gets bored with loving her partner, then their relationship becomes weak. But don’t think that I will do the same because I am not like them. I promise you that you will be my first and last love.

26. Whenever you feel alone, just remember me, I will always be there for you.

There are moments in our life when we don’t have together, then maybe you feel lonely. So just call me, my love, I will be there for you to make you feel better.

27. You were never an option for me, you were my first and last choice.

There was no other girl in my life. You are the only one to whom I gave my heart and love the most. If you think, I chose you then you are wrong. There was not any other option in comparison to you and also will not be in the future.

28. When I found you, I got the three things, my happiness, my love and my life partner.

I was searching for someone who can truly love me, and also I can love her. I just need one life partner for the whole of my life. And when you came in my life, I got everything I needed, that’s happiness, love and a truly loving life partner.

29. I can spend my whole life happily with you, and this can happen only by your love.

You are my happiness, I can live my whole life happily if you will always be with me. Your love is everything for me, and it can make my life more valuable.

30. Everyone has someone special in their life, and for me, it’s you.

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Cheesy Love Quotes

For many people, their family have the best and for some, their friends. But if you ask me who he/she is in my life, so it’s only you because no one else made me feel as good as you did.

31. I want to hold and love you in such a way that you would never get away from me.

I fear to lose you because you are my happiness, love and everything. Without you, my life is incomplete. Therefore, I will hold you in such a way that you will never get away from me, and I want to love you a lot.

32. I love those moments when you are with me, but don’t like those when you’re away from me.

Whenever you spend time with me, it makes the heart to stop that moment here. I love those moments a lot, but when sometimes you stay away from me I get upset and just wish that you soon come to me.

33. I will keep trying to be the reason for your smile every day.

I can’t promise to bring the moon and stars for you. But I can promise this thing that I will always try to keep you happy. And if ever I fail to do that, then please forgive me.

34. Only then I understood the true meaning of love; when you came into my life.

I didn’t know to love anyone. I always remained in anger, but you have positively changed me, and after you came into my life, my inner love came out. And now I know the value of love very well.

35. I may not be perfect for you, but I promise that I will love you, wholeheartedly.

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Cheesy Love Quotes

No one is perfect in the world. Everyone has some good and evils, but some have more goodness or evils. I know I am not the best for you, but I will try my best and love you more and more.

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36. Baby, I’m addicted to the touch and feel of your lips on mine.

Your touch is different and unique, I feel most comfortable when you touch me. And when you kiss me, I feel myself the luckiest. This has become an addiction for me, just want your kiss, my love.

37. Your place in my heart will always remain the same, no matter how many years pass.

In some couples, love gets reduced over time. But the love I give you today, I will do the same and will always keep doing it, no matter how many months or years have passed.

38. You are the best thing in my life I have ever waited and received for.

I always had a lot of wishes, and luckily I received them all after a long wait. You are one of them I desired for, but you are the best and most valuable of all them.

39. Now I can live my whole life happily; because you and I are together, and that’s all I wanted.

Ever since I saw you, I was just praying to get you in my life. My wish has been completed, and now I can live my life happily with you. If you are with me, I will live my life in the best way.

40. You are absolutely safe in my arms, baby; I will care and protect you more than myself.

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Cheesy Love Quotes

You don’t need to fear from anything until you are in my arms, so feel good, you are absolutely safe because you are the most valuable thing of my life. Therefore, I will care you more than I care for myself and save you from every danger.

41. I only have one life which I want to live with you, my sweetheart.

Many people waste their lives by following the wrong way. I feel that by choosing you, I have chosen the right path of my life. Now I just to spend it with you till the last breath of my life.

42. I promise that I will never leave your hand, then whether you are in a good or in a bad situation.

You give me a lot of love and happiness. I also love you a lot, but whenever you will in a difficult situation, never think that you are alone. Because I am always with you, I will help you overcome your hard times.

43. I can’t dare to leave you if I left you, I will lose everything in my life.

Earlier, I was not so good that people could call me a better person. But your love has made me a wonderful person. You are everything in my life, that’s why I can’t even think to leave you. Otherwise, I will lose everything.

44. You are like my best friend with whom I can share everything in my life.

I have a best friend with whom I can share everything except a few. But with you, I can share everything in my life. I feel relieved after sharing my joys and sorrows with you.

45. One smile can’t change the whole world, but your smile can change mine.

Cheesy Love Quotes For Her
Cheesy Love Quotes

A good smile is an impressive tool to attract anyone. Most of the times, it changes people’s mood from bad to good. I need your smile, I know it may not change everyone’s mood but surely can change mine.

46. I feel jealous when anyone looks at you because only I have the right to this thing.

I don’t like it when someone looks at you. Just as only you have the right on me. Similarly, only I have the right on you. That’s why only I can look and love you.

47. Your look doesn’t matter for me, only the quality and quantity of your love matters.

In today era, people just fall in love with the look of their partner. But I think that is not the right thing which people should look in a person. I am talking about love which you do to me a lot.

48. You are in my life, this is my biggest happiness, and if I lose you, that will be very painful.

You can’t even imagine how happy I was when you came into my life. That was my biggest happiness. God forbid it ever happen, but if I ever lose you, then that moment will be most painful for me.

49. I am ready to change myself and to adjust with you in every situation, just for you, baby.

I don’t care how much I will need to change myself. For you and your happiness, I will do everything. That’s why I am ready to adjust with you in every situation because I love you a lot.

50. You are the most adorable person I have ever met in my life.

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Cheesy Love Quotes

Many people have come and gone in my life, some of them were good, and some were not. But of all the people who have come so far in my life, you are the most amazing. And I can’t compare you with anyone of them.

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