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Funny Best Friend Quotes

Best Friend Quotes

Everyone makes many friends in their life but there are only one or a few friends who are called best friends. A best friend is the only person on which we can easily trust and trust is the main root of any relationship. So if there are enough trust and understanding in your friendship it means you are best friends and enjoying your friendship. So friends, today I am going to tell you short cute and funny best friend quotes to highlight the importance of the best friend.

1. Your best friend can reach you to your goal.

A best friend is like a mentor in life. You can freely ask anything to your best friend he will never deny to answer you. And if your friendship is real then your best friend will help you to reach your goal.

2. If you want to be a good person, never cheat your best friend.

If you want to be a good person, if you want that people appreciate you then you should always be loyal with your best friend. Because loyalty and honesty show a person’s character and nature. No one will come to help you if you cheat your best friend.

3. People may hold your hand in happiness only but your best friend will hold your hand in every step of life.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

Perhaps you would have many friends with whom you hang out and spend your time. And would also have a best friend with whom you share your everything of life. But everyone will not be with you when you will struggle in your life, only your best friend can hold your hand in this situation.

4. The best friend is the only person with whom you can feel most comfortable.

We spend our time with our family, friends and many people. And perhaps the way of your talking and your behavior will be different for everyone because many people hesitate to talk freely with their family members and others. But there would only one person in your life with whom you can talk as you want, you will not need to think before to talk to him. And that’s why everyone feels most comfortable with his best friend.

5. In doing any work, the decision of you and your best friend will be the same.

It means that when you and your best friend decide to hang out somewhere and to visit anywhere then most of the times, the decision of you and your best friend is the same and if both of your’s decision doesn’t match, then your best friend obeys your decision.

6. Your best friend will never say to you how much he loves you.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

There are many ways to express love and if you love someone then you can directly say to her. But you can’t say it to your best friend because in this relationship love does not express in word. It is very difficult to say to your best friend how much you love him.

7. The best friend is the one who cares about his friend, without pretending.

If you have friends who help and care about you just to pretend you, so they can not be your best friend, perhaps they are with you just to fulfill their own mean. Because a best friend never pretends like this. He always cares about his friend without any mean.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

8. A best friend teases his best friend, just to show his love.

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Funny Best Friend Quotes

Small resentments and fightings are always going on between two best friends. This mainly happens when one person teases his best friend with different things. But his intention is never to hurt his friend’s feelings rather he just tries to enjoy with him.

9. My best friend chose the same subject to laugh together in class.

When we completed our high school education then I and my best friend chose a stream. We chose the same stream and subject because we want to sit together and want to laugh together in the classroom. Those were the best memories of our friendship.

10. A best friend is the only person who will not mind your abuse.

Though it depends on your nature that how do you behave with a person. But you can talk in any manner to your best friend, even he won’t mind any abuse. Because he knows that you abuse him just to show your love.

11. Whenever I get sorrow he helps me to laugh.

Funny Best Friend Quotes
Funny Best Friend Quotes

I don’t like to do anything in the situation when I become sad for some reason. And my best friend also doesn’t like me to see in this situation. He tries a lot to get me to laugh and most of the time he becomes successful in it. And I also do the same while he gets sad.

12. When you have a best friend don’t worry about goons.

If you are physically weak and you have a best friend who is physically strong then you don’t need to afraid of the goons. Because if they will bother you he will help you to teach them a lesson. He will always protect you from such fights.

Best Friend Quotes

13. You can express your real behavior only in front of your best friend.

Everyone talks in a respectful manner to their elders and mentors and everyone should do. But do you have a person in your life with whom you can talk freely and in your real nature and behavior? So this would be only your best friend.

Inspirational Best Friend Quotes

14. A best friend will not be behind to help you in trouble.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

If you are in trouble and want help then you should ask for help from your best friend because a best friend always helps his friend to get out of the problem. And if your friendship would be true then he will not decline you to help in the trouble.

15. My best friends find out about my problem without being told.

Whenever I got stuck in a problem he always finds out my problem without being told. And I think this is the best specialty of our friendship and that’s why he is my best friend. We always try to enjoy life because we can’t see each other in sadness.

16. Never cheat on your best friend otherwise you will lose the right to be called a best friend.

Neither you and nor anyone would like if someone cheats on them. And here the talk is about a best friend, the person who trusts you more than his brother. Therefore you should always be in a true friendship and if you can’t do so then leave it. Otherwise, you will lose the right to be called a good person.

17. It is better to have one best friend instead of hundreds of fake friends.

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If you have lots of friends but not have a best friend then don’t think that they will be with you always. Because many such friends will come and go in your life. But a best friend will come once and will never leave you in any condition. Therefore it doesn’t matter that you have one or hundreds of friends rather their loyalty matters more.

Good Quotes for Best Freind

18. Your best friend will never show your evils in front of the people, he will always show your goodness.

We know that everyone has some evil and goodness. But sometimes we get insulted due to our evils in front of the people. But if you have a best friend in your life so it is good for you because he will always protect you from getting insulted. He will just try to show your goodness because a best friend would never want bad of his best friend.

20. Your best friend will always support you, even if the blame is yours.

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We know the best friends help his friend in trouble. But if your friendship is very deep. So he will always help you even if the fault would be yours. If you have such a friend so you are lucky because getting a best friend is not possible nowadays.

19. A best friend is not one who is with you in happiness, but with you in your struggle.

Happiness is the thing that a person gets after a lot of struggle. You don’t need to go anywhere when you will have happiness in your life because everyone will come to you itself. But the important thing is that who is with you in your struggle? not in happiness. Only a best friend can help you in these struggles.

21. A best friend doesn’t judge his friend by his look.

When you will find a true friend he will see your background and financial condition because it is such a relationship that sees a person’s heart. He will not judge you by your condition or look. And if anyone do so means he is not your best friend.

22. I feel most comfortable when I spend time with my best friend.

Funny Best Friend Quotes

Being comfortable with a person is very important. Because it increases confidence when a person talks to someone. And you can’t feel comfortable with everyone. But a best friend is one with whom a person feels himself most confident to talk and he also likes to spend time with them.

I hope you guys like these cute and funny best friend quotes and if you also have best friends so you can share these with them.

Love Your Best Friend
Short Quotes About Friendship

Short Quotes About Friendship

Friendship Quotes

As we know that friends are an important part of our life and everyone makes friends everywhere such as in schools, colleges, offices, etc. Friendship is the relation that is acceptable everywhere. But everyone likes and wants a true friendship. Because a true friend does everything he should and only a true friend knows the value of friendship. So today we are going to tell short quotes about friendship or good friendship quotes. We will try to explain to you the importance of friendship through these quotes. Read and understand these quotes very carefully.

1. The best feeling and relation can only be love and friendship for a human being.

As I have told you many times that love is the best feeling for the whole universe. Apart from this if we talk about a relationship so we can easily say that friendship is the best. Because everyone wants a true friendship in his life.

2. True friendship is not for benefits from friends.

Friendship is more than we know, therefore a true friend doesn’t desire a benefit from his friends. And if your friend is one of them who just with you to fulfill his means, it means that he is not your true friend.

3. Being in a true friendship is like getting success in life.

As we know that achieving success in life is how much difficult now. Same like this, finding a true friend or being in a true friendship is also like getting success in life. Because every person is not able to keep up the true friendship.

4. Your friendship can never break if your friendship will be true.

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Many people might have been your friends and now they won’t have with you. So do you know why these types of friends don’t remain for long in your life or in anyone’s life? Because they can’t be in a true relationship of friendship otherwise it won’t break.

5. Friendship is more valuable than blood relations.

Nowadays the relationship of friendship has become more trustworthy than blood relations. ( relatives, cousins, etc. ) Because for once your real relative can cheat you but a true friend can’t. And this trust also makes your friendship stronger.

6. Friendship is the only relationship with which you can share everything.

When the relationship of two people became stronger and when they start trusting each other then they share everything of life with their friend. Because a person feels more trustworthy to tell his secrets to his best friend.

7. The relationship of true friendship is special for everyone.

It is not possible for everyone to keep up a true friendship. Because being in a true friendship you have to sacrifices a lot and have to be loyal in your friendship. But if a person gets a true friendship we can say that it is a special relationship for him.

8. Loyalty towards your friend will make your friendship more strong.

Short Quotes About Friendship

If you want to be your friendship stronger you have to be loyal towards your friend. Because friendship needs trust and once you are successful to create trust it will become enough strong. Always be a true friendship and if you can’t do so then leave it.

9. A true friendship always shines like a diamond.

I am saying that because the love among true friendship is infinite. People precedent such types of friendship. A friendship that people remember for always. That’s why a true friendship always shines like a diamond.

10. Our friendship is unique, as the moon unique for the earth.

Everyone appreciates their friendship but I am saying that our friendship is unique. Because we love each other and try to share all the problems and happiness of life so that we can solve and enjoy them together. Therefore it’s unique for us, as the moon is unique for the earth.

11. Almost the whole world is in the relationship of friendship.

Only a few people would be there who will not be in a relationship of friendship, because it would be their choice. But friendship is such a relationship in which the whole world is included. Because everyone at least has a friend, or it can also be more.

12. Getting a true friendship is one of the greatest gifts of human life.

Short Quotes About Friendship

Many relationships are come and go in your life, and you may or may not like them. But if you get the true friendship in your life so you have got the most expensive gift of your life. Because a true friend is one who helps you to achieve your goals. He is like a mentor in your life. A true friend will always help to bring you out of your problem. And everyone is not so lucky that he/she can get this gift.

13. Many relation changes at different stages of my life but friendship never.

Many relationships will come in your life, such as when a person is at the young age so his parents are more important for him and when he will become adult, his life partner will become more important for him and after his children will become important and these relationships will be changing over time. But true friendship doesn’t change till the end of life.

14. A true friendship can’t be valued with money.

If you have true friends it means that they trust and love you, care about you and help you. So if anyone wants to value your friendship with money then he can’t do this. Because neither you and nor anyone can value it with money.

15. Friendship is the deep relationship of love and feelings.

Friendship is a special relationship for everyone. A true friend can easily feel his friend’s feelings. It is a deep relationship where two people love each other, without expressing it directly.

16. A true friend reveals in the trouble.

Short Quotes About Friendship
Friendship Quotes

Friendship is not only for sharing secrets and trust in each other. Rather it is really mean to help your friend in trouble. And this is the situation when you will come to know that your friendship is true or not.

17. Sometimes a true friendship becomes more important than a brother.

When a person starts trusting his friend, their friendship becomes stronger. And sometimes even a situation becomes like this that a person trusts more on his friend rather than of his brother.

18. Friendship is such a relationship that you can keep to your whole life.

Friendship is not a one day or temporary relationship. Because it is such a good relationship that everyone wants in his life. This is the only relationship that you can keep your whole life.

19. You can’t enjoy your life enough without having a friendship.

A true friend always tries to make his friendship lovable. A true friend is like a mentor who teaches you how to live happily and enjoy life. If you want to enjoy your life then you should friendship with the people to whom you like more.

20. Friendship is such a priceless relationship which doesn’t ask you your religion, caste, color, sex, etc.

If you like a person whose behavior and nature are the same as you so you can friendship with him. It doesn’t matter what is your religion and caste. A true friend will never judge you by your religion. Because it only sees how much you are kind and loyal.

21. Care it if you have a true friendship because everyone doesn’t have this.

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Everyone wants a friend in his life and many people are searching for a true friend who can give them happiness. They want to share their happiness and sadness with such a friend who can understand them. So if you have this type of friend or friendship then enjoy it with them as much as you can.

22. Without friendship, life seems to be incomplete.

Yes, you can even live your life without a friend. But everyone has at least one friend in their life. And now imagine that you have no friends, not in your school, college, society and so on, with whom you can share your secrets and happiness. Then how would you feel? It would just seem to be an incomplete life without friendship.

23. Friendship just allows you to live happy in life.

Friendship is the name of happiness. Where true friendship lies there sadness doesn’t come more. Your friend will always like you in a happy mood and he will always try to put a smile on your face.

24. True friendship is like getting a partner in life.

We all know that getting a true friendship is not so easy. But if anyone is able to get true friendship it means that he got a partner for his whole life. A partner who can love him, care for him and can help him in the problem.

25. Friendship is one when a person always agrees to his friend’s decision.

You might have observed many times that when you ask your friend to go on a visit, he mostly agrees with you. Because going anywhere with your friends make a person confident. A friend is always ready for your good decision.

26. If there is enough trust between your friendship no one can create misunderstanding between you.

Short Quotes About Friendship
Friendship Quotes

Everyone does have some enemies in his life. Who always wants your bad. And if you have a good friend then your enemy will like to break down your relationship, for which he can try to create some misunderstanding between you. But he can’t get success in this intention if you would have enough trust in your friend and friendship?

27. I met my friend when I was young and our friendship is still the same as before.

Keeping your friendship strong and trustworthy is depend on you. Because if there will not be enough trust between your friendship then you can’t keep it long. So here the quote refers to the trust, that just because of trust our friendship is still the same as it before.

28. Friendship is the name of love, sacrifices, and happiness.

If you have a got a true friendship, you will find that there is no lack of love and happiness in your life. Because a friend always tries to make his friend happier and he can also sacrifice for you wherever it will be needed.

29. Once you are bonded in a relationship of friendship, you will not be able to break away from it.

The more you believe in your friendship, the deeper your friendship will be. If you have a true friend, he will help you get through every trouble. When you will realize that happiness in your life is due to your friend, you will not want to leave it even if you want to.

30. Only an honest person can play a true friendship.

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Play friendship for the whole life is not easy for everyone. Only an honest person can understand its value and they can see it with a better perspective. Because these people can’t cheat anyone.

So, friends here the quotes are finished. Hopefully, you guys liked these friendship quotes. Share these quotes with your friends and tell us the quote that you liked most.

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